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This page describes my work at NYU. Learn about my other activities here.

Contact information: You can reach me anytime at +1-646-279-1224 or by email.


I teach a two-course series in acoustics:

  1. Musical Acoustics (MPATE-UE 1035) examines fundamental experiences and mechanics of sound, and introduces models that can be used to predict them. Students perform scientific experiments that identify significant correlations between experiences and mechanics, and develop their abilities to determine how musical instruments sound by designing, building and analyzing them. Required skills: ability to solve simple mechanics problems using algebra and trigonometry.
  2. Advanced Musical Acoustics (MPATE-GE 2036) expands upon the methods introduced in MPATE-UE 1035. Examines the experiences and mechanics of sound in music performance settings, additional models of musical instrument vibration, and the experiences and mechanics of tuning and tonality. Students define pragmatic analytical strategies and perform independent experimental research. Emphasis is placed on accelerated and self-directed study. Read about the skills required by this course.

For my students' convenience when doing research, I have compiled some tips on finding materials.