Partial List of Bobst Library Call Numbers Related to Acoustics

There are books about acoustics in many locations within Bobst library; this list shows some of those locations.

This is not a complete list or a substitute for conducting your own search. I offer it to give a sense of the range of possibilities.

Some of the call numbers listed here are devoted entirely to acoustics, but most are not. I have placed some of the call numbers in more than one category, and I probably could have done the same with others.

ArchitectureNA2800, TA363, TA365, TH1725
ML3820, P95, QL765, QP306, QP399, QP460, QP461, QP463, QP464, QP465, QP469, RC374, RC394
EngineeringTA355, TA357, TA363, TA365, TD891, TD892, TD893, TD894, TK5101, TK5102, TK5981, TK5982, TK5983, TK5986, TK6478
MusicML549 through 1093, ML3800, ML3805, ML3807, ML3809, ML3811, ML3812, ML3813, ML3817, MT820, MT821
PhysicsQC1, QC220, QC221, QC222, QC223, QC225, QC227, QC228, QC231, QC233, QC235, QC241, QC242, QC243, QC244, QC245, QC246
PsychologyBF251, ML3830, ML3832, ML3834, ML3836, ML3838, P95, QL698, QP306 ,QP399, QP460, QP461, QP463, QP464, QP465, QP469

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